My Approach



As adults, we are faced with new challenges each day, and we can often feel that we are navigating life’s journey by ourselves. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, feelings of inadequacy, life transitions, and relationship issues often manifest as we mature through life. Together we will break down the barriers that are disrupting life’s pleasures, and lead you down your desired path.


Couples face many transitions as they build a life together. We will work together to develop an understanding of each other’s emotional triggers, learn new communication skills, and acquire an awareness of how to better operate as a team. These insights enable the ability to live more positive and happy lives.


In today’s world, we are bombarded with messages about how we “should be,” which can be overwhelming to a growing mind. I provide a safe atmosphere for adolescents on their road to self discovery. I help them gain self assurance and a realization of their potential as they navigate an ever-changing world.


Compulsive gambling can lead to depression, overwhelming debt, desertion of family and friends, and a myriad of legal issues. I provide support in a nonjudgmental environment in order to develop more effective coping skills and exploration of the underlying issues. I received my training through UCLA’s Gambling Studies Program and the California Problem Gambling Treatment Services Program (CPGTSP).